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May 24th, 2012

At work I was tasked with writing a script that would clean up and archive logs from an application that didn’t have any decent log rotation built-in. The application would however rotate the logs when the application’s service was restarted and then rename the old log with an incremental number suffix. So we added a scheduled task that would restart the service every night in order to get the logs rotated and free from being locked.

So what this script will do is to take any log which contains a number at the end and archive it to another location, it will then replace the archives last modified date to the original last modified date of the actual log file. After that it will simply delete archives older than X-days based on its last modified date and time.

You can of course configure the script to look for logs named in a different way. This is quite simple:

## Define files to match
$LogFileMatch = "*scplog?"
## * = Any or none characters
## ? = Any character (Must be one)

The script will log events to screen and also to a log file.
It will also log every event to Windows built-in EventLog if executed with administrator privileges.
The script will also handle all exit codes from 7-zip command-line which is the program it’s utilizing in order to archive files.

Configuration settings that can and should be edited in the script are commented at the top of the script.

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May 11th, 2012

I wrote a script that utilizes RoboCopy to mirror directories. It can easily be changed to do file level backups by changing some configurable parameters within the script. Read RoboCopys documentation to understand the use of switches.

Whats interesting about this script is that it writes events/logs to EventLog if executed with administrative privileges, otherwise it will just fallback to logging to file and screen.

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